Rewind to the days of Walkmans and boomboxes. Mixed cassette tapes were a roadtrip requirement. A pencil was always nearby. Just one cassette deck in your stereo? You'd race to the radio when that song came on.

Modern cassettes have seen a revival in the past few years, with artists releasing special editions. When a concert t-shirt is $50+, a $20 cassette is an affordable way for fans to keep a favourite artist close to them. Use the filters on this page to sort through decades and genres.


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Taylor Swift - 1989 (Cassette) - 2023 - Quarantunes
Simply Red - A New Flame - Quarantunes
Simply Red - A New Flame
Sale price$3.00
Eurythmics - Revenge - Quarantunes
Eurythmics - Revenge
Sale price$3.00
Heart - Little Queen - Quarantunes
Heart - Little Queen
Sale price$5.00
Hi-Five - Hi-Five - Quarantunes
Hi-Five - Hi-Five
Sale price$3.00
Color Me Badd - C.M.B. - Quarantunes
Color Me Badd - C.M.B.
Sale price$3.00
Aerosmith - Pump - Quarantunes
Aerosmith - Pump
Sale price$4.00
New Order - Substance - Quarantunes
New Order - Substance
Sale price$15.00
ZZ Top - Eliminator - Quarantunes
ZZ Top - Eliminator
Sale price$4.00
Stevie B - Love & Emotion - Quarantunes
Mr. Big - Lean Into It - Quarantunes
Mr. Big - Lean Into It
Sale price$5.00
Bangles - Greatest Hits - Quarantunes
Bangles - Greatest Hits
Sale price$4.00
Roxette - Joyride - Quarantunes
Roxette - Joyride
Sale price$3.00
DC Drive - DC Drive - Quarantunes
DC Drive - DC Drive
Sale price$3.00
Eric Clapton - Unplugged - Quarantunes
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Sale price$3.00
Nu Shooz - Poolside - Quarantunes
Nu Shooz - Poolside
Sale price$5.00
Foreigner - Records - Quarantunes
Foreigner - Records
Sale price$4.00
The Cars - Heartbeat City - Quarantunes