Electronic music, like most genres, is a broad term. We prefer a narrow definition where it is entirely or almost entirely digital in nature - no analog instruments like guitars or drums and singing is not the central engine of the work. We're in the minority. Or maybe we're just old.

As such, you'll find records here that are marked as electronic that may raise your eyebrow. There will be 1970s disco, punk bands with synths, and Taylor Swift. We're sorry.

To reduce the pain, try filtering by styles like House or Ambient or Industrial. We've added a few here and will keep adding them. You can find more in the filters. Avoid Downtempo, though, as no one under 30 seems to know what that means.

Oh and 12" electronic records can be found here

Ambient House Techno
New Order - Substance
Actress - LAGEOS
Actress - LAGEOS - 2018
Sale price$20.00
Beyoncé - Lemonade
Eskimo Callboy - MMXX
Avicii - True
Avicii - True - 2016
Sale price$33.00
Major Force West - 93-97
65daysofstatic - Wild Light